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Yara Ensemble performances seek to create an immersive audio visual environment in which the audience doesn't  simply passively sit and listen, but experiences and participates in a journey of cultural exploration and understanding through the weaving of music, movement, and art. Showcasing music of the Iberian peninsula and the Americas, with an emphasis on newly commissioned woks, Yara Ensemble's performances combine classical, folk, and popular music unified by a narrative theme. Our recitals tell a story and are supported by diverse media, allowing audience members the freedom to sit back and enjoy without having to squint at programs in a darkened hall.


For voice, piano (and guitar)

Sirens of the Sea: Love and Longing

The lives and loves of women in the age of

16th century Portuguese maritime expeditions

Saudade, piano solo               A. Mascolo-David

Ai, que linda moça                  Ernesto Halffter

Três Trovas de Coimbra         A. Mascolo-David

Seven Preludes, piano solo   António Fragoso

Trovas (Selections)                              Francisco de Lacerda

Fado "Ai Mouraria"                                  Frederico Valério

Fado "Coimbra "                                       Raul Ferrão

Sirens of the Sea: The Explorer's Muse

Portuguese expeditions of the 16th century and

the concept of 'saudade'—longing for the homeland

For voice, piano (and guitar)

Saudade, piano solo                      A. Mascolo-David

Ai, que linda moça                         Ernesto Halffter

Sonata in D minor, piano solo     Carlos Seixas

Trovas (Selections)                               Francisco de Lacerda

Seven Preludes, piano solo                     António Fragoso

Three Roundels by Camões                    C. de Vasconcelos

Fado "Tive um coração, perdi-o"            Amália Rodrigues

Fado "Coimbra"                                         Raul Ferrão     

Courtesy of the Nat'l Gallery

of Art, Washington D.C.

Faces of Love

The loves and lives of women 

                                      For voice and piano

Saudade, piano solo                                                  A. Mascolo-David

Against Our Will (poetry and music)                       A. Mascolo-David

Beloved, piano solo                                                   David Maslanka

Frauenliebe und–leben                                                       Robert Schumann

Brazilian Waltz No. 5, piano solo                                           Francisco Mignone

Brazilian Waltzes of Francisco Mignone

Selections from 24 Valsas Brasileiras  

Solo piano program

No. 1 in C-sharp minor: Moderato (in moderate tempo)

No. 4 in G minor: Preludiando (improvising)

No. 5 in A minor: Molto brillante (very brilliant)

No. 6 in E-flat minor: Com entusiasmo (with enthusiasm)

No. 7 in B-flat minor: Tempo de valsa lenta (in a slow waltz tempo)

No. 11 in E minor: Singeleza (delicately)

No. 12 in C minor: Improvisando (improvising)

No. 14 in C-sharp minor: Valsa movimentada (with motion)

No. 17 in in E minor: Preludiando (improvising)

No. 19 in F-sharp minor: Assai vivo (rather lively)

No. 20 in G minor: Quasi preludiando (almost improvising)

No. 22 in A minor: Andantino mosso (in a moving walking pass)

No. 23 in A-sharp minor: Tristonho (with sadness)

No. 24 in B minor: Impetuoso (impetuous)




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