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Re-imagining the art of recital...


...for 21st century audiences

Also spelled Iara or Uira, the Yara is a creature of native Brazilian mythology. She is often represented as a water nymph, siren, or mermaid—one of the forms commonly attributed to Brazilian orixá Yemanjá, the goddess of the seas. Yara is the beautiful young woman associated with a body of fresh water, with fair skin and green, seaweed-like hair, who occasionally could be found sitting on a rock combing her hair or basking in the sun. The song of the Yara is believed to be irresistible to men who, once under her spell, are lured to the waters' depths to live with the siren forever.


Yara Ensemble is an exciting and unique collaboration between Portuguese-Italian pianist Alexandra Mascolo-David and Brazilian-British-American mezzo-soprano Sarah Stone. With direction and choreography by Annette Thornton and digital media art by Eric LimarenkoYara Ensemble performances weave music, movement, and art into an intimate and accessible narrative journey designed for 21st century audiences. Our goal is to create an immersive performance experience where the audience is engaged in the act of discovery. Entertaining while educating is at the core of the ensemble's mission.


Showcasing music of the Iberian peninsula and the Americas, with an emphasis on newly commissioned woks, Yara Ensemble's performances combine classical, folk, and popular music  unified by a narrative theme. Our recitals tell a story and are supported by diverse media, allowing audience members the freedom to sit back and enjoy without having to squint at programs in a darkened hall.






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